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   Project in public work and business area recent years:
1. Taipei city Chou-Mei Expressway transportation control system
2. Taipei city Hsin-Yi branch transportation control system project
3. Taipei city Tung-Hu access road transportation control system
4. Taipei city parking-area information guide system project
5. LED signal and pedestrian count-down timing projects
6. Full color scoreboard build up in gym project


Taipei city Chi-Lung road traffic improvement projects and the
  other 11 spots


National multi-frame LED full color board construction project
9. Taipei city Lan-Chou street traffic improvement projects and 
  the other 9 spots
10. ET broadband telecom-West POI pipeline generator room 
  design and construction
11. Taipei city pedestrian stereoscopic and flat transportation 
  facility improvement projects