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- - Concentrate on profession, Responsible in individual works




- - Sustainable management and service in first place




- - Pursued for Excellency, innovation and pragmatic



   "E-Passing technology Co., Ltd." founded during 2002 and register as "E-Passing Network Technology Engineering Co., Ltd." with 100 million capital due to project involvement in 2011 for company management requirement.  

   Our company is specialize in intelligent transportation system (ITS) for data manipulation service and system integration. Recently we also take over several business such as transformable information, vehicle collection, vehicle detection, car license detection, accident detection, road monitoring, parking-lot information guide and transportation control data center, which belongs to traffic control, in order to integrate software and hardware techniques. Besides importing foreign technology, the main purpose of these business is to unite strategy partners for local technology integration for product commercialization as target.

   Nowadays we even input in international team and founds for handling core technique and focus on development ability for digital TV and related product research innovation to create related product with more add-values, enlarge business revenue and realize product diversification. We'll focus on total solution for customers. Beside devoted into government public works also looking forward to become the main digital entertainment industry professional designer and manufacture.